Friday, October 10, 2014

The Cook's Temptation: A Novel by Joyce Wayne

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Read: May 15, 2014

Joyce Wayne brings to life the complexities of Victorian life, first in County Devon, and then in London’s East End. The big picture is about one woman’s life, class conflict, religious intolerance, suspicion, and betrayal. The central figure is Cordelia, a strong-minded Jewish woman who is caught between her desire to be true to herself and her need to be accepted by English society. The Cook’s Temptation is about a woman who is unpredictable, both strong- and weak-willed, both kind and heinous, victim and criminal. It is a genuine Victorian saga, full of detail, twists and turns, memorable scenes, and full of drama and pathos.

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I'll be the first to admit Joyce Wayne's The Cook's Temptation surprised me. I mean no offense, but debut pieces can be hit and miss and I've taken to approaching each with a healthy amount of discretion. This time round, however, fortune favored me with an ambitious and thought-provoking fiction.

Wayne's subtle style took me a while to warm to, but I think it worked in her favor when looking at the themes she tackled over the course of the narrative. Class conflict, intolerance, anti-semitism, and so on. These are big concepts and while I feel the incorporation of so many large scale ideas slowed the pacing of the story, I admire Wayne's ability to pull them together in a single narrative. 

The authenticity in Wayne's characterizations are also noteworthy. Both primary and secondary cast members are complex creatures, individuals who are tried and tested by the strictures of the Victorian era and circumstances outside their control. They are emotional beings who the reader can easily understand if not empathize with and that's saying something when one considers how foreign the prejudices of the late nineteenth century are to contemporary eyes. 

An inspiring example of both period and women's fiction, The Cook's Temptation is a moving of a one struggling to find way in the face of overwhelming adversity. A hauntingly written tale from a promising new voice. 

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At the Devil’s Stone Inn, maman ran her trade in milkmaids in a catch as catch can way. I’ve witnessed the look on the men’s faces in Polly’s parlour before, but not the expression on the girls’ faces. Polly’s women are certain of themselves, in ways I have rarely witnessed. I can’t help but wonder if the whores’ lives are superior to mine. At least they are paid and have a day of freedom every week. If I were to share my tale of indignity with a whore’s, how could mine compare favourably.
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