About Me

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I'm not much for talking about myself. I'd love to say I'm overly shy or incredibly modest, but the simple truth is I've hung out with me for more than thirty years and think I'm pretty ordinary. 

I'm a single mom of two, I live in Southern California, and enjoy intense love affairs with both literature and coffee. I've a distinct preference for historic fiction, but my reading habits are all over the map. On average I read more than one hundred titles a year and review most of them here at Flashlight Commentary.

Flashlight Commentary launched in 2011 and took on new direction in 2016. My reviews appear here on the site, on Goodreads and on Amazon. I regularly review for Netgalley and Historical Fiction Virtual Books Tours, but have also worked with France Book Tours, Crimson Flower Reviews, Fireship Press, Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours and the Historical Novel Society.

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