Monday, August 25, 2014

The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Read: June 19, 2014

A passionate historical debut novel about a young woman in turn-of-the-century England who finds love and independence at a seashore resort. In Victorian London, there’s only so far an unmarried woman can go, and Betsey Dobson has relied on her wits and cunning to take herself as far as she can—to a position as a typewriter girl. But still, Betsey yearns for something more…so when she’s offered a position as the excursions manager at a seaside resort, she knows this is her chance for security, for independence, for an identity forged by her own work and not a man’s opinion. Underqualified for the job and on the wrong side of the aristocratic resort owner, Betsey struggles to prove herself and looks to the one person who can support her new venture: Mr. Jones, the ambitious Welshman building the resort’s pleasure fair. As she and Mr. Jones grow ever closer, Betsey begins to dream that she might finally have found her place in the world—but when her past returns to haunt her, she must fight for what she’s worked so hard…or risk losing everything. This eloquent debut novel displays firm propriety barely restraining seething passion—a sizzling combination reminiscent of Downton Abbey

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When I first stumbled over Alison Altee's The Typewriter Girl, I got really excited. The jacket art is beautiful and I'm just shallow enough to get charged up over that sort of thing. The comparison to Downton Abbey didn't hurt either and by the time I got the book I was dying to get started which is funny, because I only made it through chapter three. 

Marketing didn't do this piece any favors and I for one think it a travesty to liken Atlee's work to the Masterpiece hit. Now, before you get your panties in a twist, hear me out. I went into this book with a distinct expectation and was both confused and disappointed to discover that anticipation misplaced. Upset, I stepped away from the book and came back to it after clearing my head. I started over at chapter one, ignored the sales tag and took in the story with a completely open mind and discovered a truly intriguing take on turn-of-the-century life. 

There is more grit in these pages than in the halls of Downton, a palpable desperation Lord Grantham couldn't begin to comprehend and an emotional quagmire that puts Lady Mary to shame. There is a vulgarity I found unnecessary, but I truly enjoyed watching Betsey come into her own over the course of the story. She is an atypical heroine in world of strict social order and I found that fascinating as a reader.

A suggestive and striking novel, The Typewriter Girl isn't your average Victorian era fiction, but Atlee makes it work, ultimately creating something both unconventional and entertaining. 

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Such a sky. The widest she'd ever seen. Even more than the long bow of the shoreline and the eternal spread of the sea, it was the sky Betsy could not fold into her understanding, the cliffs and hillocks of the land overturned, sculpted into the stony clouds and softened with the promise of light.
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