Monday, April 14, 2014

Inscription by H.H. Miller

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Read: April 12, 2014

The year is 1851 and the Grand Guard is ravaging Mainland. Arrests. Floggings. Swift executions. Twenty-year-old Caris McKay, the beautiful heiress of Oakside Manor, is sent to live with distant relations until the danger has passed. It's no refuge, however, as Lady Granville and her scheming son plot to get their hands on Caris's inheritance with treachery and deceit. Soon, alarming news arrives that the ruthless Captain James Maldoro has seized Oakside and imprisoned Caris's beloved uncle. And now he's after her. Caris escapes with the help of Tom Granville, the enigmatic silver-eyed heir of Thornbridge. But when a cryptic note about a hidden fortune launches them on a perilous journey across Mainland, Caris and Tom must rely on wits, courage, and their growing love for each other if they hope to survive. Filled with adventure, intrigue, and romance, Inscription will transport you to a historically fictional world you'll never want to leave.

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A pleasantly old fashioned adventure, I found H.H. Miller's Inscription an enjoyable and engaging love story. 

Though it doesn't appear overly original, I caution you not to be deceived. Miller adds some charmingly unique twists to the otherwise unassuming premise, making it her own in a way that is both unexpected and imaginative.

Caris, Tom, Molly, and even Angus are highly appealing protagonists and while I might have liked to see more depth and dimension in the makeup, I can't deny the pleasure I took in following their adventure. 

A lighter piece, I'm not sure I'd recommend it to one and all, but can certainly envision endorsing it to casual beach readers and fans of romantic fiction. 

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“William, sometimes you are painfully obtuse,” she spat. “Caris is the heiress to Oakside. She will inherit the estate in its entirety , including all the land and income. But if she marries first, she forfeits everything to her husband.”
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