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Dangerous Illusions by Amanda Scott

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Obtained from: Netgalley/Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours
Read: April 10, 2013

The first book in Amanda Scott’s acclaimed Dangerous series journeys from the battlefields of Waterloo to the ballrooms and boudoirs of London, where a deadly deception unfolds... Engaged by proxy to a man she’s never met, Lady Daintry Tarrant is dismayed when the war hero returns, introducing himself as her fiancé, Lord Penthorpe. She cherishes her independence and has turned away many suitors, but this one she must marry. Penthorpe is completely captivated by Lady Daintry—but he’s not who he claims to be. Penthorpe and Lord Gideon Deverill fought together at the battle of Waterloo, and when Penthorpe fell, Gideon assumed his identity in order to see the beautiful Lady Daintry. Gideon knows there’s bad blood between Lady Daintry’s family and his own, but he’s smitten with Daintry and determined to reunite the bitterly feuding clans. When a ghost from Gideon’s past appears, he could lose everything—including Daintry’s love.

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Amanda Scott's Dangerous Illusions is a romance, but one with some very clear underlying messages regarding the roles women have played throughout history. Admittedly, part of me enjoyed this approach but another part of me found it somewhat frustrating. 

On the one hand, I liked that Scott wasn't afraid to paint relationships that aren't all sunshine and roses. I think we tend to overlook the subjugation and suffering many women endured at the hands of their husbands, especially in fiction and applaud this author for having to nerve to go there in her work. 

On the other hand, however, I often felt this concept upstaged and undermined the romance between Gideon and Daintry, that their connection relied more on the fact that he isn't heavy handed and abusive than any real exchange of affection. Don't misunderstand, I enjoyed Scott's theme, but I really wanted to like this relationship more than I did. 

Not the sweeping romance I'd expected, but even so I consider the time I spent with this piece far from wasted. Dangerous Illusions is a thought-provoking read that offers readers a revealing glimpse into the past and by default, an certain appreciation for how far we've come.  

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Though his inital reacion had been to set the earl straightas once, one look at Lady Daintry, added to the certainty that St. Merryn would send him packing the minute he discovered he was a Deverill, made up his mind for him. It would do no harm to masquerade as Penthorpe for the short time it would take to get to know the lady better.
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