Flashlight Commentary Policies & FAQs

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact me at flashlightreader@yahoo.com

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What do I review?
As of 2016 I am accepting only historic fiction for review. This includes traditional historicals, historic fantasy, historic romance, time-slip novels, and alternative history. 

I specialize in WWII, the Plantagenets, and the Austrian Hapsburgs, but generally speaking, my interests are all over the map.

Will I review your book?
That depends. Requests are accepted on basis of interest and availability. Best advice is to ask with the understanding that time is limited.

Do I give good reviews to books I received free of charge?
No. My reviews are based solely on my personal opinion. I strive to remain both honest and respectful, but maintain there is no point in reviewing if one cannot express both positive and negative points of view.

Do I host interviews?
I am always happy to conduct interviews with authors of traditional historicals, historic fantasy, history romance, time-slip novels, and alternative history. If you are an author interested in collaborating please feel free to contact me via the email address at the bottom of this page. 

Do I charge for reviews?
No. I do not sell reviews. Call me crazy, but my integrity doesn't have a price tag. 

Will I buy your book for review?
I offer free publicity in exchange for free literature so please do not send review requests that require I purchase your work. I fully respect your interest in profit, but I have real world responsibilities and do not pay for review material. No exceptions.

Where do I post my reviews?
My reviews are posted here at Flashlight Commentary, Amazon and Goodreads

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