Monday, May 13, 2013

Giveaway: A Prince to be Feared by Mary Lancaster

Flashlight Commentary is pleased to offer readers the chance to win a free copy of Mary Lancaster's A Prince to be Feared!

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Europe’s most fearsome prisoner, Vlad Dracula, gifted military commander and one time Prince of Wallachia, the notorious Lord Impaler himself, is about to be released after twelve long years, in order to hold back the tide of Ottoman aggression. The price of his new alliance with his Hungarian captors is the king’s cousin Ilona. Ilona does not wish to be married. In particular, she doesn’t wish to marry Vlad. Gentle, faded and impossibly vague, Ilona is hardly fit for court life, let alone for dealing with so difficult a husband. But Ilona’s wishes have nothing to do with Vlad’s reputation and everything to do with a lifelong love affair that finally broke her. Ilona’s family blame Vlad; Vlad vows to discover the truth and sets out by unconventional means to bring back the woman who once enchanted him. Among court intrigues, international manoeuvrings and political deceptions, Vlad reveals himself more victim than villain. But he’s still more than capable of reclaiming his lost rights to both Wallachia and Ilona; and Ilona, when it counts, has enough strength for them both.

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Giveaway is open internationally.

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Nancy said...

Hmm, Vlad more victim than villain, that's an interesting twist. Thanks for the giveaway. nanze55(at)hotmail(dot)com

kim_cree said...

This sounds like an excellent book! Thank you for the giveaway!

kim_cree said...

This sounds like an excellent book! Thanks for the giveaway!

Melissa Baker said...

This book sounds awesome! Even if I don't win I am definitely buying it. What a great giveaway!

Colleen Turner said...

Ohh, this sounds good!!! I haven't read much about Vlad but this sounds like it definitely has different twists then what I have already read. Thaks for the chance to win a copy!

Mary Lancaster said...

Hi, there! Just want to say thanks, everyone, for your interest and kind words! Good luck in the contest :)